I can’t HACK it.
Faced with an impossible task

I’ve HAD it! (or)
HAD it up to here.
An expression used when you’ve had enough of something negative

Maiden HAIR, beautiful HAIR,
These words of praise I utter.
But, oh, how sick it makes you feel -
To find it in the butter
An old descriptive verse

Let my HAIR down

If you want your HAIR to grow quickly, cut it in the moonlight.
An old belief

A HAIR-brained idea
A crazy idea

Wouldn’t that HAIR-LIP the governor?
Exclamation made when something’s unbelievable
From: Jean Marie Helmcamp Myers – Feb 17, 1929 – August 28, 1997

Wouldn’t that HAIR-LIP you?
Equally unbelievable

That’s what I call splitting HAIRS.
A remark made to someone who is too particular

A disparaging remark

Cut HALF in two
A redundant Texas expression

Don’t go off HALF cocked!
Don’t rush into something without making preparations.

HALF a loaf is better than none.
Be satisfied with what you have.

He’s finding out how the other HALF lives.
He is temporarily enjoying a high scale of living. (or) He has fallen on hard times and has to scale down
his standard of living.

He was telling HALF truths.
He was telling lies.

I have HALF-a-mind to do it.
I’m almost convinced to do something inadvisable.

That wouldn’t be HALF bad.
Indicating agreement with something

This is my better HALF
My husband (or wife), used in a casual introduction

Not very bright (For a real put down, one would say, “If you had one more wit -- you’d be a half-wit.”)

He was HAMMERING away on his opponents’ faults.
He was in the midst of a political campaign.

HAND in glove
We worked well together.

Didn’t turn her HAND
She didn’t do her share of the work.

Give me a HAND!
A request for help

Give him a HAND!
A request for applause

Had a HAND in it
Helped to solve a problem or cause a problem

Keep your HAND in.
Stay actively involved.

On the other HAND
An alternative solution

The left HAND doesn’t know what the right HAND is doing.
Someone is terribly confused.

They called my HAND.
They pointed out the errors of my ways.

You’ll have to HAND it to him.
Give him credit for his effort.

A remark made usually about a small hard-to-manage child

Can’t put a
HANDLE on it
Can’t solve a problem

Flew off the
Losing one's temper.

Wore HAND-me-downs
Old clothes especially those worn by older family members

A heap o’ HANDS makes light work.
If everybody does his part, there’s less work for everyone.

Cold HANDS, warm heart,
Dirty feet and no sweetheart
A remark made after touching some one’s cold hands

Had her HANDS full
Had a busy schedule

My HANDS are tied.
I’m unable to control the situation.

She didn’t do a HANDS turn.
She didn’t do her share of the work.

He saw the HANDWRITING on the wall.
He could see trouble ahead.

Everyone is quick to recognize good HANDWRITING and to judge its quality. It not only saves the time and
patience of the reader but is of extreme importance to the writer for it demands good posture at the desk which
promotes health and protects the eyesight.
An old handwriting exercise that was promoted by my 5th through 7th grade writing teacher, Mrs. Ollie
M. Dunn (1893-1980) (Mrs. C. E. Dunn), South Side School, Arlington, Texas.

HANG in there!
Keep trying!

HANG it all!
An exclamation

HANG tough!
Keep trying!

Can’t get the HANG of it
Difficulty in learning to do something

Keep trying! You’ll get the HANG of it!
Words of encouragement

Let it all
HANG out.
A relaxed attitude

Is there anything else HANGING fire?
Do we have any more chores to be done?

Just HANGING around
Doing nothing

No HANKY-panky
Nothing illegal allowed

A coincidence

HAPPY as a hound dog
Very happy

He’s a HAPPY-go-lucky person.
Cheerful and optimistic

HAPPIER than a pig in slop
Extremely happy

A tough person

You’re a HARD man, McGee.
A statement made to someone with strict rules, probably taken from the old radio show, Fibber McGee
and Molly.

HARD as a rock
Very hard

He’s as HARD as nails!
A difficult person to deal with

Playing HARD to get
This is usually said of a girl who is giving a fellow a difficult time.

She keeps HARPING on the same subject.
She’s a nag.

At the drop of a

Here’s your HAT. What’s your hurry?
A farewell

Hold on to your HAT!
You’re in for a surprise.

Home is where ever he hangs his HAT.
A person who travels a lot

It it’s not true, I’ll eat my HAT.
A vow made when someone doubts your word

If two females were forced to share a dressing room, one of them would say, “If you see something you haven’t
got, throw your
HAT at it.”
An old saying

It’s bad luck to leave your HAT on a bed.
An old belief

Keep that under your HAT!
Keep that a secret.

That’s old HAT.
Old news

Hope that doesn’t come back to HAUNT you!
Statement when someone has done something questionable

If you see a truck or trailer loaded with bales of hay, you say:
Bale of
HAY, bale of HAY
Make a wish and look away.
Make a wish and don’t look back at the hay again, and your wish will come true.

Make HAY while the sun shines
Take advantage of your opportunities.

A hard blow of the fist to some one’s head

That fellow’s a real HAY seed.
From the country

They were making HAY out of the situation.
This is what happens when a politician or someone in authority misspeaks.

Don’t be going in over your HEAD.
Don’t attempt something too difficult. (or) Don’t buy something beyond your means.

He fell HEAD over heels.
In love

Hold your HEAD up, Maggie! You’re headed for the barn yard.
An exclamation

Keep your HEAD.
Don’t lose control.

Let me get my HEAD on straight.
Let me think about it.

He’s got the big HEAD.
Impressed with self importance

Little HEAD, little wit—big HEAD, not a bit.
I’m not so sure of the meaning.

So fast it would make your HEAD swim
Quick action

Use your HEAD more and you’ll use your feet less.
Think things through before you act.

You’d lose your HEAD if it wasn’t fastened to you, (or screwed on tight.)
This is said to one who is always careless with their belongings.

Can’t keep our HEADS above water!
We are deep in debt.

HEADS are gonna roll.
Someone will have to take the blame.

I can’t make HEADS or tails of it.
I don’t understand.

If you bump HEADS with someone, it’s a sure sign you’ll sleep together.
An old belief

Let’s get our HEADS together.
Let’s make plans together.

Two HEADS are better than one.
Seek help with a problem.

I have a HEALTHY dislike for her.
A strong dislike

I couldn’t HEAR myself think.
Noisy surroundings

You HEARD that right!
An affirmation

HEART throb
The one you love

A HEART as big as all outdoors.
A generous person

Cross my HEART and hope to die
An oath made when you swear that you are telling the truth

Eat your HEART out.
Pine away or be jealous

From the bottom of my HEART

Have a
Take pity on someone.

If your HEART is in the right place      
If you are sympathetic

In your HEART of hearts
An expression used when you feel something deeply and sincerely

I’ve got my HEART set on it.
I want something.

Learn it by HEART.
Memorize your part.

My HEART bleeds for you.
Sarcasm to a constant complainer

She’s right after my own HEART.
A statement made when someone who pleases you

She’s wearing her HEART on her sleeve.
Her affections are plain to see.

That warmed the cockles of my HEART.
Someone did a kindness that made me feel good.

You have a good HEART.
You are a kind person.

Two HEARTS that beat as one
Two people in love

I hate to see you go out in the HEAT without your blanket.
A farewell

If you can’t stand the HEAT, stay out of the kitchen.
If you can’t stand pressure, don’t subject yourself to it.

Turn up the HEAT on wrong doers.
Increase the punishment.

HEAVEN forbid!
An exclamation

HEAVEN only knows!
An expression

HEAVEN protect us!
An expression

An exclamation

HEAVENS to Betsy!
An exclamation

Merciful HEAVENS!
An exclamation

Man! That’s HEAVY!
An exclamation indicating something is important.

H - E - DOUBLE bubble!
An exclamation

H – E – DOUBLE hockey sticks
An exclamation (or) a descriptive name for a place that is opposite of heaven

I’ve got the HEEBIE - jeebies!
Nervous and upset

Don’t drag your HEELS.
Don’t procrastinate.

He dug in his HEELS.
He wouldn’t give in.

I bet that set you back on your HEELS.
I bet you were surprised.

A person of wealth

We were cooling our HEELS.
Kept waiting

We took to our HEELS.
Ran quickly

We were dragging our HEELS.
Going slowly

Oh! That HEIFER!
Derogatory remark about an obnoxious female

A dog of questionable parentage

Come HELL or high water!
An oath

Going to HELL in a hand basket
Doomed to failure

HELL bent for leather
In a hurry

The road to HELL is paved with good intentions.
If you intend to do something worthwhile, do it now.

There’ll be HELL to pay.
Somebody will get the blame.

When HELL freezes over
A reference to something unlikely to happen

HELL’S bells (or) HELL’S bells and birddogs!
An exclamation

So HELP me, Hannah!
An oath

Hesitant about saying something

When your HEM  is turned up, kiss it before you turn it down and you’ll get a new garment. (or) Kiss it and
make a wish. (or) It’s a sure sign you’ll get a letter.
A collection of old sayings from Martha Lili Freeman France, Sept 14, 1913 – Feb 27 2006

Every old HEN thinks her chick’s the blackest.  (or)
Every old crow thinks her chick’s the blackest.
A remark that refers to parental bragging

HEN scratching
Poor handwriting

Only a HEN can make money laying around.
Admonition to a lazy person

A man who has a bossy wife

As scarce as HEN’S teeth
Very rare

That’s neither HERE nor there.
Unimportant facts or details

When some one addresses you with, “HEY!” you should answer them with,
“Hay was made for horses.”

HEY Lucille, let’s go to Mobile!
An exclamation

With a HEY-nonny-nonny and a ha-cha-cha!
An exclamation

To cure HICCUPS, count as you swallow nine gulps of water. (or)
Bend over and drink out of the wrong side of a glass. (or)
Inhale and exhale several times into a brown paper bag.
Home remedies

I didn‘t see HIDE nor hair of them.
They disappeared.

I’ll take it out in HIDE.
Threatened punishment if you don’t pay back something you borrowed.

I’ll tan your HIDE.
A thread of punishment

He left her HIGH and dry.
He abandoned her.

He was wearing HIGH waters.
Outgrown trousers that are much too short

HIGH muckety-mucks
A reference to the ones in charge

HIGH rollers
Big time gamblers

HIGH time you took action.
It’s time you did something.

It was HIGH brow music.
It was classical music.

They got HIGH behind.
In a hurry

They were HIGH-hat!
They were snobs.

We searched HIGH and low.
Made a thorough search

We had a HIGH-Heeled time.
A good time

We HIGH-tailed it out of there.
Made a fast exit

HIGH waters
Trousers that are too short to be stylish

They were on the down HILL run.
Almost finished with a task

Tough HILL to climb
Faced with a difficult task

It was as old as the HILLS.

They lived so far back in the HILLS they had to pipe in daylight.
A colorful description of people living in remote areas

A HINT to the wise should be sufficient.
A mild warning or a little advice

Too bad your foresight isn’t as good as your HINDSIGHT.
It’s easy to say what you should have done.

HIT the hay
Retire for the night

HIT the road!
Impolite way to tell someone to leave

If you get HIT, you won’t leave a greasy spot.
A warning to a child about the danger of playing in the street

I never was HIT that close to home before.
Hurt feelings

They HIT it off right away.
Good first impression

We HIT it out of the ball park.
We met with success in an endeavor.

We HIT the road.
We started our journey.

We HIT the road in high places.
Traveled at faster than normal speed

HITCH your wagon to a star!
Show some ambition.

We searched HITHER, thither and yon.
We searched in a lot of places.

Not just Santa's greeting -- it's frequently used to express a type
of bragging on a job well done.

He HOBNOBS with high society
Associates with the wealthy class

It was a HODGE-podge.
A mixture

He’s got a tough row to HOE.
Has a hard life

It’s bad luck to carry a HOE through the house.
Garden tools should be left outside.

Eating (or living) high on the HOG
Living the good life

Even a blind HOG finds an acorn once in a while.
Everyone has some luck sometime.

Go whole HOG!
Put all your efforts into an endeavor.

He was HOG-tied!
Incapable of action

That’s HOG wash.

We went HOG wild and pig crazy.
We had a wild time.

We were in HOG heaven.
Very happy

Root HOG or die!
Advice to urge one to keep trying

You look like you’ve been in the HOG’S wallow.
Remark to a person who is slovenly in appearance

Conceited show-off

HOLD ‘er Newt! She’s a rarin’! (or)
HOLD ‘er Newt! She’s a headin’ for the pea patch!
An exclamation

HOLD that thought!
You just expressed a good idea.

HOLD the line!
Stay on a strict budget.

HOLD your horses!
A remark made to someone who’s rushing you

We were left HOLDING the bag.
We were left with a problem.

No HOLDS barred!
Anything goes

He felt like crawling in a HOLE and pulling it in after him.
He did not feel well.

His money was burning a HOLE in his pocket.
He was eager to spend his money.

I felt like I was coming out the wrong end of the HOLE.
I was feeling ill.

They lived in a HOLE in the wall.
A small room or a cramped apartment

We were in the HOLE.
We were in debt.

You need that like you need a HOLE in your head.
Obviously, you don’t need it.

Full of HOLES
Not a true story       

That’s just like you to pick HOLES in it!
A remark to a super critical person

HOLY cow!
An exclamation

HOLY mackerel!
An exclamation

HOLY moly!
An expression

An explanation

HOLY Toledo!
An exclamation

HOME, James!
A joking remark made to the companion who’s driving. and there’s no place else to go

That really hits HOME!
To the point

There’s no place like HOME!
A comforting thought in more ways than one

You’ll be HOME, free!
A successful conclusion to an endeavor

We were going to see the HOME folks.
A visit to relatives, particularly parents or grandparents

Plain looking in appearance

We were on the HOMESTRETCH.
Final part of an undertaking

He’s the head HONCHO.
The boss

HONEST as the day is long
Completely honest

An expression used when you’re swearing that something is true

HONKY tonk
A night club

There’s HONOR among thieves.
An old saying but most likely untrue

Get me off the HOOK.
Make up an excuse for me.

By HOOK or by crook!
One way or another

On his own HOOK
On his own efforts

They fell for it, HOOK, line and sinker.
They were easy to fool.

In the HOOSEGOW     
Detained in the jail house

I don’t give a HOOT.
I don’t care.

It’s just a HOP, skip and a jump away.
It’s not far.

I was HOPING against chance.
Looking for something good to happen in a bad situation

She’s a HOPELESS case.
She’ll never improve her attitude.

She believes in tooting her own HORN.
She believes in bragging on herself.

We stirred up a HORNET’S nest.
We unintentionally caused trouble.

We locked HORNS.
Had a disagreement

A HORSE opera
A Western movie

An iron HORSE
A train

Don’t HORSE around.
Don’t play and waste time.

Don’t look a gift HORSE in the mouth.
When someone gives you a gift don’t be critical of it.

Don’t put the cart before the HORSE.
Do things in their proper order.

He’s a dark HORSE.
An unknown person in a political race

He’s as strong as a HORSE.
Very strong

He doesn’t have any HORSE sense.
No common sense

He was as steady as a mill HORSE.
Very dependable

It’s a rare HORSE that never stumbles.
Everyone makes mistakes.

It was a one HORSE town.
Very small town

It won’t be seen on a galloping HORSE.
A statement made by a seamstress (usually mother) when she’s made a mistake in sewing on a garment
to be worn by a small child or an awkward teenager

She eats like a HORSE.
She has a large appetite.

She’s on her high HORSE.
She’s a proud person.

She tried to HORSE me into going with her.
She used persuasion.

That’s a HORSE of a different color.
A new idea is introduced

There’s no use in flogging (or beating) a dead HORSE.
When something is over, it’s over.

There’s no use locking the barn door after the HORSE is gone.
There’s no use in taking precautions after a loss.

You can lead a HORSE to water but you can’t make him drink.
You can give people an opportunity, but they have to make some effort.

An exclamation

She gave him a HORSELAUGH.
She made fun of him.

HORSELESS carriage
An automobile

Children playing

It’s straight from the HORSE’S mouth.
A claim that you’re telling the true facts.

A team of wild HORSES couldn’t drag me to it.
A statement made when you are refusing to do something

Don’t spare the HORSES!
Use utmost speed.

There are many HORSES in the stable but there's only one Secretariat!
There's only one first choice.

Hang a HORSESHOE for good luck.
Be sure it’s hanging with the two ends down.

They were HORSING around.
Taking part in non-serious activities

HOT as a boiled owl.
Really hot

HOT as “H!”
Exclamation concerning weather

HOT as Hades!
Exclamation concerning weather

HOT as a hen in a wool basket
Really hot
From: Eleanor Richards Cocke, December 28, 1918 - June 19, 2005

HOT as a two-dollar pistol firing uphill in a down wind
Really hot

A fast and erratic driver

You’re in the HOT seat.
Under a lot of pressure

HOT under the collar

I’m in a HOT-bed of ____ (Political as a HOT-bed of Democrats or a HOT-bed of Republicans)
Outnumbered by the opposition party

In HOT water
In trouble

Selling like HOT cakes
Selling quickly

She’s HOT to trot.
Ready to travel

They’ve got him on the HOT seat.
He was caught in a compromising situation.

Too HOT to handle
Too controversial

We HOT-footed it away from there
We left in a hurry.

If you have a HOUSE under construction, you should put pennies between the studding of the front door frame
to wish for luck for the family that will occupy the house (or)
Wish for a child for each penny added.
An old belief
From: Genevieve Freeman Anderson, March 06, 1921-Oct 25 Oct 2000

HOW come?

HOW about that?
Expressing surprise about a development

HOW some ever -
An exclamation used when you’re making an additional statement

And HOW!
An exclamation of agreement

That’s a fine HOW do ya’ do!
An unhappy situation

We’ve HOWDIED but haven’t met yet!
We’ve said hello, but haven’t been introduced.

A greeting

A description of something big

When some says “HUH?” to you, the answer is, “A pig say HUH. Pull his tail and he’ll say UHN-HUH.”
An old saying

A lot of confusion in connection with a celebration

Eating HUMBLE pie
Being forced to admit one is wrong about something

Something huge and hard to manage

He HUNG on for dear life.
A grasp on something secure when your feel your safety or well-being is threatened

If you’re born to be HUNG, you’re not going to drown.
A prediction about your future. An Irish saying from Lois I. Gaston (1907-2001)

I was as HUNGRY as a bear.
Really famished

I‘m so HUNGRY I could eat a horse.
Really famished

Everything’s HUNKY-DORY!
Everything’s fine.

Last performance or last action

Well! HUSH my mouth!
An exclamation of surprise

HUSTLE your bustle!